HS Ed Tech -Full-Time (math emphasis)

Maine Academy of Natural Sciences | Hinckley, ME

Posted Date 8/13/2018

Job Summary:

Education Technicians work with classroom teachers to provide small group and individualized instruction to support academic and behavioral needs.  Work hours our primarily 8 hrs a day four days a week.  Supervision of education technicians shall be as required by Maine Department of Education Regulations Chapter 115.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervise small groups of students under the direction of the teacher.
  • Review and reinforce learning previously introduced by the classroom teacher or appropriate content specialist or assist in drill or practice activities.
  • Provide instruction of new material when planned in collaboration with the supervising teacher or when lesson plans are provided by the supervising teacher.
  • Supervise small groups of students in community-based programs to introduce new learning pre-planned in consultation with the classroom teacher, appropriate content specialist or community expert.
  • Work with students helping with new material, re-teaching, or specific interventions or accommodations as required by IEP goals, intervention plans or personal learning plans.
  • Instructing and supporting students across content areas during project based learning initiatives supervised by the interdisciplinary team of teachers.
  • Working with teachers in other disciplines – especially natural resources – to support learning and production of evidences of learning. 
  • Perform non-instructional, non-evaluative functions as required by the teacher or school administrators.
  • Assist in the preparation of instructional materials; and provide classroom management functions.
  • Familiarity with standards and project based curriculum.
  • Familiarity with Restorative Justice practices
  • Interest/enthusiasm for improving skills by attending professional development opportunities as appropriate.
  • Reports all incidents of work related accident/illness within 24 hours; maintain a safe work environment; ensure that a safe environment is maintained in the workplace by adhering to all safety rules and requirements (Safety Policies) and report any safety hazards to immediate supervisor.
  • Demonstrates awareness and sensitivity to the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the service population.
  • Such other duties as may be assigned.


  • Experience working with student in a supervisory capacity  
  • State authorization at the Educational Technician III level
  • Satisfactory reference, background and health checks 
  • Must have a valid Maine driver’s license

TO APPLY:  Please go to the Maine Academy of Natural Sciences website and find the employment application to download.  Email the completed applciation, resume and copy of your Ed Tech III (or teacher cert) certificate to gdugal@gwh.org


Job Type
Educational Technician III
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