Grade 9 Computer Science instructor

CCR | Waterville, ME

Posted Date 2/13/2019

Very unique opportunity for 9th Grade Computer Science Instructor


The CyberPanther pilot project is searching for a hardworking, dedicated, creative and innovative Computer Science instructor with excellent subject-matter knowledge for the academic year of 2019-2020 and potentially beyond...


Applicant must be a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and excel in the subject area of Computer Science. The CyberPanther pilot project will serve grades 9-12 and provides students with a rigorous academic curriculum with an emphasis on a variety of computer science areas, competencies such as character, ethics, and leadership, as well as critical thinking skills, guidance for higher education, and a strong focus on workforce development and future employability.  


Overview of Position Available: The CyberPanther pilot project is looking for a Computer Science instructor to teach part-time (estimated 10-15 hrs/week depending on the number of sections) for the upcoming school year from September - June, with paid training in curriculum over the spring/summer. The consultant stipend pay will range between $20-25k depending on experience and number of sections required by student interest (this will be determined by end of May). This is a unique opportunity to work with 9th grade high school students who come from all over the greater Waterville area, and a chance to teach them valuable computer science skills that will help them with employment or college admission and life success. You should have strong CS teaching experience as the success of this endeavor will be highly dependent on your abilities to interact with, encourage and support 9th grade students who are new to this material. The instructor will be trained in the course materials during the spring/summer. While most students will be new to CS, some of them will be more advanced in areas and will need your expertise to guide them in successful, personalized learning. You will also have the opportunity to work with (and be trained by) our curriculum developer as the curriculum continually evolves, as well as with local employers to stay up-to-date on a fast-moving field’s needs (Augmented and Virtual Reality, Game Development, Cybersecurity and Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, as well as Digital Humanities and more. This is a truly unique curriculum and teaching experience!).


  • Teach a comprehensive Computer Science course at 9th grade level, including some derived Curriculum, Scratch 3.0 and App Inventor from MIT, and much more!
  • Skillfully work with students of all backgrounds and levels of academic performance.
  • Demonstrate relentless drive to improve the minds and lives of students
  • Exhibit mastery and enthusiasm for the assigned classes


  • Knowledge of Computer Science concepts, language, and procedures to be able to teach Computer Science courses providing in-depth knowledge and skills to students. This includes experience with computer languages.
  • Keen interest and experience in project-based learning, and the development of “21st century skills” (critical thinking, communication, etc.).

Key responsibilities include:

  • Building a classroom culture in which students love computer science;
  • Motivating students to think critically and take ownership over their own learning;
  • Preparing students to follow a multi-year CS path to provide training, job shadowing, internship and opportunity for future employment or degree programs;
  • Developing strong relationships with parents and students, creating investment in school culture and academics;
  • Driving academic outcomes by analyzing student work, studying data, and implementing high leverage instructional moves to ensure dramatic gains for all students; and
  • Joining a collaborative community of computer science partners and benefiting from training sessions led by school leaders and computer science curriculum developers.


  • Have a foundational understanding of at least one computer programming language;
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree with an outstanding record of academic achievement and leadership;
  • Are a person of high moral character; and
  • Are passionate about computer science and learning.

Interested individuals please contact me.



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