Island School Counselor

Monhegan School | Monhegan, ME

Posted Date 5/09/2021

Monhegan Island School is looking for a school counselor to serve approximately 4 visit days and up to 30 hours of remote support per year available for any needed consult or support sessions. We typically have approx 3-7 students and your work would focus on the work described below.


  1. Meet with teacher by remote connection with time and method determined by teacher

  2. Be available to communicate with teacher on an as needed basis through email or phone contact

  3. Meet with parents and/or their child as requested or needed at a mutually agreed time via phone or other remote connection or on the mainland as determined by parent and consultant if and when possible

  4. Services to families are for short term or acute situations or topics related to school attendance, school engagement, school transitions, and healthy social relationships.

  5. Long term or ongoing social work treatment plans based on a particular student’s or parent’s mental health diagnosis are not covered by this contract and should be referred to a provider with the cost covered by the family’s private insurance or Mainecare.

  6. Submit brief summary of meetings and work, excluding confidential information, to the Superintendent within 14 days of each visit or service.

  7. Maintain required Maine certification and CHRC status.

ON-ISLAND VISIT RESPONSIBILITIES (the following can also be delivered remotely through virtual meetings as well):

  1. Meet with teacher each visit to review and discuss student and parent issues to be addressed.

  2. Communicate via email or telephone to prepare for visits

  3. If determined with teacher and Superintendent, design and teach social emotional health-oriented lessons or trainings involving staff and students as necessary (For example, the required Child Sexual Abuse Personnel Awareness & Education and DHHS Child Abuse and Neglect, Mandator Reporter Training)

  4. Meet with students one-to one during or after school on the visit day as needed

  5. Meet with parents one-to one during or after school on the visit day as needed


Please send application, resume and letter of interest to: with cover letter, resume, proof of Maine certification, and at least 3 references.

Application can be downloaded from the Employment page of our website


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Check out the school website at

Check out the school website at

Job Type
Consultant | Counselor | School Psychologist | Social Worker
Job Location (County)
Knox | Lincoln

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