Instructional Coach (anticipated)

RSU 24 - Eastbrook, Prospect Harbor, Steuben, Sullivan | Sullivan, ME

Posted Date 6/29/2020

RSU 24 seeks to find an Instructional Coach who will share responsibilities at the Ella Lewis School and the Peninsula School.  The desired candidate will specialize in Social/Emotional wellness and will have background knowledge in Trauma Informed Education, ACES, and/or other social/emotional student needs. If a candidate does not have this background it is okay, but a willingness to learn about and engage in these topics will be required.  A main focus of this coach's work will be to guide and strengthen schoolwide instructional strategies and offer professional learning opportunities that support student behavioral/emotional/ social well-being.  RSU 24's coaching program rests on a student-centered coaching model, which uses student data and student needs to drive individual coaching goals (instead of relying on a "teacher fixing" model).   This coach will not only work with Building Administrators to move each school forward, but will also partner with Curriculum Administration and Instructional Coaches amongst the district to improve district-wide outcomes for student success.  Qualifications include a Bachelor's Degree, with a background knowledge in social/emotional wellness a plus.

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Teacher - Middle School Level | Teaching - Multiple Levels
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