Ed Tech I, Surry Elementary School

Union #93 - Penobscot, Surry, Castine, Brooksville, Blue Hill | Surry, ME

Posted Date 10/12/2017

Open Position

Surry School Department

2017-18 School Year



Surry School Department

An Ed Tech I is needed for the 17-18 school year to assist with Kindergarten and Grade 2 . This is a per hour position. Ed tech I Maine certification desired and current CHRC needed. For more information , contact Fred Cole, Principal, 207-667-9358.


If interested in applying contact the office of the Superintendent of Schools, Mark Hurvitt, Superintendent at 20 Hinckley Ridge Road, Blue Hill, or call 207-374-9927. Applications can be emailed by request: sduddy@schoolunion93.org.


Applications close when suitable candidate is found.




An Equal Opportunity Employer

Job Type
Educational Technician I
Job Location (County)

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