Computer Technology Support Specialist

Auburn School Department | Auburn, ME

Posted Date 12/02/2019

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Auburn School Department

Computer Technology Support Specialist


  1. Apple Hardware technician Certification preferred.
  2. Web site development experience preferred.
  3. High school diploma;  two year technical degree preferred.
  4. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO: Technology Director

 JOB GOAL: To support technology use and the technical aspects of hardware and software troubleshooting and installation throughout the Auburn School Department.



  1. Identifies and resolves computer hardware and software problems.


  1. Performs preventative maintenance and updates on hardware and software, as required.


  1. Installs software and hardware according to established plans and protocols.


  1. Installs and upgrades network equipment and infrastructure.


  1. Runs video recording equipment for School Committee meetings.


  1. Implements plan to cascade hardware following appropriate protocol.


  1. Participates in training opportunities and professional development, and maintains Apple Hardware certification as appropriate.


  1. Maintains repair and inventory records, following established procedures.


  1. Prepares daily reports of services rendered (end of day and snapshot during day).


  1. Maintains district web site, adding items as directed. Assists schools with maintenance of building web sites.


  1. Runs video stream of School Committee meetings and other school-related public meetings as part of a rotation with other tech staff.


  1. Attends and participates in technology department meetings.


  1. Collaborates with department personnel with ongoing projects.


  1. Communicates and cooperates with staff.


  1. Maintains confidentiality.


  1. Is punctual.


  1. Meets required deadlines.


  1. Transports equipment.


  1. Informs supervisor of needed repairs and services.


  1. Refers unresolved problems to appropriate technology staff.


  1. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other duties as may from time to time be assigned by the supervisor.


 TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Hourly rate, excellent benefit package. Maine State Retirement option (PLD), sick days, vacation days, health insurance. This is a year round position

 EVALUATION:  Performance on this job will be evaluated by the Technology Director.

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