Program Directors- Camp Jordan (Bangor Y residential camp)

Bangor YMCA | Bangor, ME

Posted Date 1/08/2018


Under the supervision of the Camp Director and the Assistant Director the Program Directors assist in organizing camp programs each day by following the guidelines and policies of the Bangor YMCA. Each Program Director directly supervise, campers and staff within their program area such as Arts and Crafts, Nature, Teen Programs, Sports, and the boys and girls villages . Directors spend time in cabin groups, encourage campers to participate in activities and guide the camper throughout their stay at camp. The Program Director must be able to meet the physical demands of a resident camp counselor and program director.




  1. Provide a safe environment and promote cooperation within the cabin for both staff and campers.
  2. Be a positive role model to campers and other staff by setting examples.
  3. Maintain discipline within your cabin, in accordance with all Camp Jordan and Bangor Y policies.
  4. Promote proper camper hygiene. 
  5. Actively know where your campers are at all times.
  6. Assist your campers with activity sign-up.
  7. Take part in all cabin activities, i.e. meals, chapel, cabin clean-up, etc.



  1. Supervise all programs with your activity area: Arts and Crafts, Sports, Nature, Teen Programs and Boys and Girls Village. 
  2. Ensure that all activities are carried out in a safe manner consistent with state, local, ACA, and Camp Jordan regulations.
  3. Assist in the training of all staff at Camp Jordan as well as training staff in appropriate procedures for your program area.
  4. Be prepared to implement the missing person procedure at any time.
  5. Know where your campers are at all times during activity sessions.
  6. Keep your program space clean, and maintain an inventory of all materials.
  7. Coordinate all class schedules and ensure that all classes are appropriately staffed and staff members are prepared with a lesson plan and the materials they will need.


The incumbent must have the necessary training and experience to effectively carry out assigned responsibilities. He/she must possess the ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationship with staff, lay leaders, volunteers, YMCA members and the general public. He/she must be able to delegate appropriate responsibilities to staff and volunteers in order to accomplish the necessary duties.



Must have sufficient strength, agility and mobility to perform essential functions of position and to supervise program activities. 


Job Type
Summer Camps Staff
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